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  1. 11-12-18 Prospect Heights City Council Meeting

  2. This webpage contains short video clips of the key items from this meeting. Instead of having to watch the video of the entire meeting, you are able to watch just the portion of the meeting that is of interest to you! Simply scan down the page, read the agenda item description and click on the video to watch it. To stop the video, just click on it again. Once you start the video you will be able to use the controls at the bottom to start, stop, fast forward, rewind, switch to full screen and change your volume as well.


  1. City Investment Management Services    (46 minutes)
    Presentation by PMA Financial Network for Money Management of City Investments


  1. Financial Audit Presentation     (13 minutes)
    Financial Audit Presentation by Anthony Michelotti of Eder, Casella & Co.


  1. Public Works Update     (2 minutes)
    Public Works update by Superintendent Mark Roscoe.


  1. Building Report     (1 minute)
    Building update by Director Dan Peterson.


  1. MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project     (2 minutes)
    Comments by Alderman Rosenthal regarding the possible formation of an advisory committee to provide input for the MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project consisting of the city administrator, two alderman and two local residents.


  1. Vehicle Storage Facility Permit     (2 minutes)
    Request for a special use permit for an Automobile Storage Facility at 1326 N. Rand Road.


  1. Staggerd Elections     (13 minutes)
    Discussion regarding the possiblity of the city implementing staggerd elections.


  1. Sanitary Sewer Delinquent Payments     (21 minutes)
    Report and discussion led by Finance Director Mike DuCharme regarding how to best to collect overdue sanitary sewer payments from 201 properties in the amount of approximately $60,000.


  1. Tax Levy Estimates     (5 minutes)
    Estimate of proposed 2018 property tax levies by Finance Director Mike DuCharme.


  1. Full Length Meeting Video    (2 hours in length)
    For those of you with more time on their hands, here is the entire video of this meeting! This video has built in controls that allow you to easily move around within it as well as providing for full screen viewing if desired.


  1. Read Full Meeting Agenda     HyperLink