1. Sale of City Property (Piper Lane)

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  1. 01-28-19 - Robocalls Re Sale of City Property     (2 minutes)
    Report by Alderman Rosenthal regarding the possible misuse of the City's Emergency Contact Phone Number Database and a request for the city administrator to conduct an investigation into the safety of the data.


  1. 09-24-18 - Robocalls Re Sale of City Property     (3 minutes)
    Alderman Williamson questions Mayor Helmer about robocalls that many residents received regarding the recent sale of city property.


  1. 09-20-18 - Actual Audio of Robocall Re Sale of City Property     (1 minute)
    Several days after the Council voted to approve the sale of the Piper Lane property, residents from all over the city started receiving the following Robocall from someone only identifying herself as “Angela”, about the “bad” deal that the aldermen just voted on.


  1. 08-27-18 - Sale of City Property (Piper Lane)     (25 minutes)
    Lively discussion and final vote for the sale of city property located at 25 and 35 Piper Lane to Connor Commercial Real Estate LLC for $2,730,000.


  1. 07-09-18 - Sale of City Property (Piper Lane)    (2 minutes)
    Resident Bree Higgins comments about proposed sale city property located on Piper Lane.


  1. 06-25-18 - Sale of City Property (Piper Lane)    (2 minutes)
    Comments by an attorney representing one of the bidders on the property.