1. 01-23-17 Prospect Heights City Council Meeting

  2. This webpage contains short video clips of the key items from this meeting. Instead of having to watch the video of the entire meeting, you are able to watch just the portion of the meeting that is of interest to you! Simply scan down the page, read the agenda item description and click on the video to watch it. To stop the video, just click on it again. Once you start the video you will be able to use the controls at the bottom to start, stop, fast forward, rewind, switch to full screen and change your volume as well.


  1. Airport Report    (12 minutes)
    Chicago Executive airport report presented by Betty Cloud.


  1. Police Department Security System     (2 minutes)
    Proposed three year service contract with Xtivity for police department security system.


  1. Budget Amendment     (17 minutes)
    Budget Amendment Discussion
    Topics Include:
       Drainage Improvements
       Police Department
       Tree Program
       Strategic Directions Committee Recomendations


  1. City Attorney Needs to be Present at Workshop Meetings.     (2 minutes)
    Motion to reverse a decision by Mayor Helmer, originally discussed at June 27, 2106 meeting, in which he decided that the city attorney would no longer be present at City Council Workshop Meetings. This comes after there was a significant amount of confusion involving some legal issues at the January 9, 2017 meeting because the attorney was not present.


  1. Full Length Meeting Video    (58 minutes in length)
    For those of you with more time on their hands, here is the entire video of this meeting! This video has built in controls that allow you to easily move around within it as well as providing for full screen viewing if desired.


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