1. 04-11-16 Prospect Heights City Council Meeting

  2. This webpage contains short video clips of the key items from this meeting. Instead of having to watch the video of the entire meeting, you are able to watch just the portion of the meeting that is of interest to you! Simply scan down the page, read the agenda item description and click on the video to watch it. To stop the video, just click on it again. Once you start the video you will be able to use the controls at the bottom to start, stop, fast forward, rewind, switch to full screen and change your volume as well.


  1. New Appointment to Chicago Executive Airport Board   (7 minutes)
    Approval of Mayor Nick Helmer's appointment of James Kiefer to the airport board to fill a vacancy left by former board member Rodney Pace.


  1. Bridge Community Church    (33 minutes)
    Second reading and discussion of an ordinance approving a subdivision and granting a special use and variations for the Bridge Community Church, located at 302 East Euclid. This video also contains numerous comments by concerned local residents objecting to this project.


  1. Water Rate Increase    (5 minutes)
    First reading and subsequent discussion of ordinance which established water rates for fiscal year 2016-17.


  1. Request to Open New Video Gaming Sit Down Restaurant – Elsie’s Place    (15 minutes)
    Request by Mr. Chuck Knoblauch of Lieberman Companies (Bloomington, Il.) to open a new video gaming sit down restaurant (Elsie’s Place) at 1204 N. Milwaukee Avenue / 99 East Palatine Road, Unit B. This video includes a discussion by members of the city council expressing concerns about allowing this special use.


  1. Discussion and Approval of the 2016-17 Budget    (21 minutes)
    Discussion and subsequent approval of 2016-17 city budget which, according to state law, must be approved by April 30, 2016.


  1. Amendment of Mail Notice Requirements in Zoning Code    (23 minutes)
    The city council discusses and ultimately votes to amend the mail notice requirement in the zoning code. The code currently requires notice be given to neighbors about variance requests in construction that exceed the state requirements and in many cases has proven to be very expensive to implement in its current form.


  1. Full Length Meeting Video    (2 hours 22 minutes in length)
    For those of you with more time on their hands, here is the entire video of this meeting! This video has built in controls that allow you to easily move around within it as well as providing for full screen viewing if desired.


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