1. MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project

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  1. 08-27-18 - MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project    (52 minutes)
    Proposed Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project presentation By Cedric Robinson.


  1. 06-25-18 - MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project     (2 minutes)
    MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project update by City Administrator Joe Wade.


  1. 04-09-18 - MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project     (1 minute)
    Update from City Administrator Joe Wade regarding the proposed MWRD Willow/Hillcrest/Owen Road Project.


  1. 02-11-16 - MWRD Proposed Project to Raise Willow Rd, Hillcrest Rd and Owen Court   (41 minutes)
    According to the presenter, David Handwerk of Globetrotters Engineering, the purpose of this project is to reduce the flooding frequency of Willow Road, Hillcrest Drive & Owen Court. The project would be undertaken jointly by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, City of Prospect Heights, and the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways.