1. 12-11-17 Prospect Heights City Council Meeting

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  1. Waste Water Quality and Compliance with National Pollution Discharge Standards Report    (4 minutes)
    City of Prospect Heights Water Quality and Compliance with National Pollution Discharge Elimination Standards Report - Environmental Consultant Caitlin Burke of Gewalt Hamilton who handles the MS4 Program for Prospect Heights discussed water quality testing. The City has the proper testing and is compliant with the EPA requirements. - No action was taken.


  1. Plaza Drive Status Update     (25 minutes)
    Director of Building and Development Peterson said that the City had been meeting with Country Pines and Pabcor regarding maintenance of Palwaukee Plaza. It was noted that Country Pines was in favor of maintenance and Pabcor wanted to do more comparative pricing - they were awaiting information from their surveyors. Aldermen asked for an estimate on a reasonable amount of time for the completion of the fact finding that Pabcor was still doing. Mr. Peterson noted that it should take 30 days. It was noted that direction had already been given to take action and implement a fine. Director of Building and Development Peterson that the property is private and must be maintained. He said that the property owners would be put on notice and given a deadline to respond. It was noted that Pabcor was the roadblock to getting the maintenance done. Alderman Ludvigsen moved to direct Staff to issue a 30-day deadline with Final Notice Citation directed to Property Owners; seconded by Alderman Messer. There was unanimous approval.


  1. Zoning Variance for 697 Glendale     (37 minutes)
    Staff Memo and Ordinance for a Zoning Variance for 697 Glendale (2nd Reading) - City Attorney Kearney noted that he had sent out an email clarifying that in order to overturn a PZBA Approval vote, only a regular majority was needed. A super majority was only needed When overturning a negative recomendation by the zoning board. Alderman Williamson moved to Approve the variance for 697 Glendale; seconded by Alderman Messer. Discussion followed. Alderman Williamson said that it was his ward and that he was willing to compromise if the size of the variance was lessened. Mr. Stavros, attorney for the requester, said that the need for a variance had been out of hardship. It was noted by Alderman Messer that the City had approved garage variances in previous years, and that the neighbors did not have any issue with the request that was being made. Attorney Stavros said that this case might need to be taken to judicial review. The requester, Mr. Pascucci did not want to compromise. ROLL CALL VOTE: AYES - Messer, Rosenthal / NAYS - Ludvigsen, Dolick, Williamson / ABSENT - None / Motion fails 2 - 3 None


  1. Request from Player's Pub and Grill for Disbursement of Money     (7 minutes)
    Request from Player's Pub and Grill for Disbursement of Tax Increment Financing Fund, per Player's Pub and Grill/City of Prospect Heights Redevelopment Agreement - Building and Development Director Peterson said that the facility had been inspected and was complete. He said that Players Pub wanted its $54000 payout. Aldermen noted that in the future the City could not write out contracts like these that were full of contradictions. It was noted by the City Attorney that based upon the agreement, Players Pub qualified for the payout. Finance Director DuCharme noted that Players Pub was one-month delinquent in its Places for Eating tax. Alderman Ludvigsen moved to approve the final disbursement of $54,000 to Players Pub upon payment of any outstandlng balances to the City; seconded by Alderman Meuer. There was unanimous approval. ROLL CALL VOTE: AYES - Messer, Dolick, Williamson, Ludvigsen, Rosenthal / NAYS - None / ABSENT -None Motion carried 5 - 0


  1. Adjustment of Daily Permit Liquor License Fees     (6 minutes)
    Adjustment of Daily Permit City of Prospect Heights Liquor License Fees (1st Reading) - the Mayor noted that all of the liquor license fees needed to be adjusted. This particular Adjustment was for the special late hour licenses requesting an add-on hour for a particular event. It was noted by the Attorney that this was separate from a new liquor code. The increase for the add-on hour would rise to $1000. - No action was taken.


  1. Discussion of Commercial Truck Parking Regulations     (4 minutes)
    Discussion of Commercial Truck Parking Regulations - the Council and Mayor wanted to make certain that the public was notified. Director of Building and Development Peterson said that there would be a January, 2018 public hearing. Assistant to the City Administrator Falcone said that there would be an insert in the newsletter. - No action was taken.


  1. Full Length Meeting Video    (2 hours 13 minutes in length)
    For those of you with more time on their hands, here is the entire video of this meeting! This video has built in controls that allow you to easily move around within it as well as providing for full screen viewing if desired.


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