2015 Summary

12-14-15 Meeting (2 hours 45 minutes)   HyperLink   HyperLink

  • Fairbridge Inn Tax Incentive   (4 minutes) HyperLink
    Resolution in support of a special tax incentive for the purchaser of the Fairbridge Inn.
  • Approval of Liquor License for Video Gaming Facility   (3 minutes) HyperLink
    Request for a liquor license at Stella's Place, 1201 N. Elmhurst Road.
  • City Sticker Price Increase   (10 minutes) HyperLink
    Proposed city sticker price increase debate.
  • New Chase Bank Facility   (10 minutes) HyperLink
    Approval of a subdivision and granting of a Special Use and Variations for 215 South Elmhurst Road. This is the old Social Security building at 83 and Euclid that has been purchased by Chase Bank to create a new banking facility.
  • Video Gaming   (29 minutes) HyperLink
    Debate over allowing more video gaming facilities in Prospect Heights.
  • New Municipal Parking Lot   (7 minutes) HyperLink
    Resident comments and discussion regarding new municipal parking lot on Camp McDonald Road next to Deli 4 You.
  • Existing and Proposed Truck Parking Lots near Quincy Park   (8 minutes) HyperLink
    Several resident comments regarding truck parking issues near Quincy Park and proposed sale of property to trucking company to park trucks.

11-23-15 Meeting (1 hour 8 minutes)   HyperLink   HyperLink

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance for 2016   (5 minutes) HyperLink
    Approval of a contract with Mesirow Financial for Property, Casualty, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance for the year beginning December 1, 2015 through November 30, 2016.
  • Engineering Services for Shoenbeck Road Sidewalk   (4 minutes) HyperLink
    Resolution authorizing engineering services agreement with Gewault Hamilton & Associates for engineering management and design services for Schoenbeck Road Sidewalk.
  • Sewer Inspection Services Contract   (1 minute) HyperLink
    Approval of Agreement between the City of Prospect Heights and Scott DeGraf, Sanitary Sewer Inspector concerning city sewer inspection services.