2017 Summary

01-23-17 Meeting (58 minutes)   HyperLink   HyperLink

  • Airport Report    (12 minutes) HyperLink
    Chicago Executive airport report presented by Betty Cloud.
  • Police Department Security System     (2 minutes) HyperLink
    Proposed three year service contract with Xtivity for police department security system.
  • Budget Amendment     (17 minutes) HyperLink
    Budget Amendment Discussion
    Topics Include:
       Drainage Improvements
       Police Department
       Tree Program
       Strategic Directions Committee Recomendations
  • City Attorney Needs to be Present at Workshop Meetings.     (2 minutes) HyperLink
    Motion to reverse a decision by Mayor Helmer, originally discussed at June 27, 2106 meeting, in which he decided that the city attorney would no longer be present at City Council Workshop Meetings. This comes after there was a significant amount of confusion involving some legal issues at the January 9, 2017 meeting because the attorney was not present.

01-21-17 Special Meeting (1 hour 8 minutes)   HyperLink   HyperLink

  • Thornton's Request for Tax Subsidy to Pay for Extra Construction Costs    (1 hour 8 minutes) HyperLink
    Special City Council Meeting to consider a request by Thornton's Inc. for a sales tax subsidy in the amount of approximately $300k to pay for storm water detention and soil disposal costs associated with their proposed new location at Rand Road and Thomas Street.

01-09-17 Meeting (2 hours 39 minutes)   HyperLink   HyperLink

  • Police Pension Fund Presentation    (49 minutes) HyperLink
    Police pension fund presentation by fund Board Member Sal Palazzolo.
  • Police Telecommunications System Presentation    (16 minutes) HyperLink
    Presentation of police telecommunications system by Chief Al Steffen.
  • Treasurer's Report    (12 minutes) HyperLink
    Treasurer's report presented by Finance Director Hannon.
  • Health and Sanitation Inspections Report    (12 minutes) HyperLink
    Report of health and sanitation inspection activities presented by Building Director Peterson.
  • Police Security System Service Contract    (20 minutes) HyperLink
    Recommendation and discussion of a proposed three year service contract for the existing police wireless surveillance system with Xtivity Solutions, LLC. in the amount ot $18,500 per year.
  • Old Willow Road Resurfacing    (2 minutes) HyperLink
    Staff recommendation and request to participate with Mount Prospect in the joint resurfacing of Old Willow Road, from Mura Lane to River Road.
  • Milwaukee Ave Tourism District Landscaping and Discussion Regarding City Attorney    (17 minutes) HyperLink
    Requested approval of award of a contract with Landscape Concepts for up to three one year terms in the amount of $4,071. Also, a discussion of a separate bid for landscaping services for other city property including city hall as well as a discussion about the difficulties surrounding no longer having the city attorney present at workshop meetings.
  • 2016-17 Budget Amendment    (12 minutes) HyperLink
    First Reading and discussion of 2016-17 budget amendment.

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