1. 01-08-18 Prospect Heights City Council Meeting

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  1. 697 Glendale Driveway Variance Request
    Discussion and vote of an amended driveway variation to 697 Glendale Ordinance. The original request called for a 4 foot encroachment and a 12 foot driveway. The new variance for reconsideration would be a 3 foot encroachment leaving 2 feet of grass and an 11 foot driveway. Concrete will be removed from the east side of the driveway. ROLL CALL VOTE: AYES - Rosenthal, Ludvigsen, Williamson, Dolick / NAYS - None / ABSENT - Messer


  1. Update on the Status of the Vacant Building Program     (4 minutes)
    Director of Building and Development Dan Peterson said that they are on target and that notices have been sent to mortgage holders. On January 17, the Staff will be trained. It was noted that there are 67 confirmed foreclosures and another 30 in pre-foreclosure. The City does not pay for foreclosure reports. The charge of $200 per report is paid by the banks. The City receives $100 per report.


  1. Possible Loss of Airport Tax Revenue     (9 minutes)
    There is a chance that the City will lose the airport local tax revenue. The tax brings in $150,000 annually to the City. Senator Harris has notified the City that FAA rules are now mandating that the City can only receive local sales tax if it had an Ordinance in place prior to 1987. The City has had a local tax Ordinance only since 2005.


  1. Tap House Grill Opening     (1 minutes)
    Reort by Building Director Dan Peterson regarding the opening of Tap House Grill.


  1. Liquor License Discussion     (1 minutes)
    Brief discussion about possible changes to liquor licenses.


  1. Creation of Retirement Health Savings Plan for Sworn Officers     (4 minutes)
    Resolution Approving and Authorizing the City Administrator to Enter into an Agreement with the Illinois Police Pension Fund Association to Create a Retirement Health Savings Plan for Sworn Patrol Officers. The City has two plans now. Public Works will use the existing plan. Non-sworn officers will have two options. Sworn officers will have the new plan only. ROLL CALL VOTE: AYES - Rosenthal, Ludvigsen, Williamson, Dolick / NAYS - None / ABSENT - Messer /Motion carried 4 - 0, one absent


  1. Vehicle Sticker Price Increase     (1 minutes)
    Brief discussion about increasing the vehicle sticker prices.


  1. Full Length Meeting Video    (54 minutes in length)
    For those of you with more time on their hands, here is the entire video of this meeting! This video has built in controls that allow you to easily move around within it as well as providing for full screen viewing if desired.


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